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E151 | Haaland the goal machine

Haaland is a goal scoring machine that will embarrass every team in the Premier League and Manchester United were the his latest victims and embarrassing weekend for the Red Devils
Can this goals scoring monster be stopped can any team stand before him and the goal this man will score at any given moment at any given time you only need a single touch of the ball to turn it to glory Erling  Haaland an incredible athlete and I feel sorry for any team that will face him I am aliens of Manchester City I wish Erling Haaland played for Manchester United instead but until that happens if it ever happens or we find our own freak of nature in a goal scoring department we are doomed with the likes of Ronaldo not getting minutes I don't know what's gonna happen. Liverpool are one of the team that are struggling. Arsenal are looking incredible this is going to be an interesting season but I know for a fact if anything goes wrong if anything happens there will be no shocks as long as Erling Haaland is on the pitch because you will score minute after minute goal after minute as long as Kevin De Bruyne passes the ball to him I don't see anyone stopping this man men's a machine.
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E151 | Haaland the goal machine
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