Manchester United is in our Blood, And football is our Religion! I love this game
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E150 | A weekend of VAR controversy and Arsenal are left in the mud!

Is VAR ruining the spirit of football. How many goals will be cancelled because of ignorant and clueless referee decisions that make no sense, What's the point of havi...

E149 | Haaland! The Goal machine

On this episode we are reliving the events of a game week five and of course we'r we talk transfer news. And we conclude matters by talking about game week six and wh...

E148 | The Gunners are Invincible

The invincibles when Arsenal won the league in 02 without losing a match. could this be the start of something new with Arteta for Arsenal. so far they have not lost a...

E147 | The Ajax way

Manchester United registered their first win of the season against Liverpool, while arsenal remain the only undefeated side after 3 games this campaign. Manchester Ci...

E146 | Game 1 (22/23 season)

The 22/23 season has begun... the wait is over.. Football is back..

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